The following missions will guide the activities of MWS:

Improve Medical Education

MWS will host the World Congress of Melanoma every four years, following the tradition since 1985. MWS will care for grants in order to make attendance of physicians from developing countries possible. MWS will organize the World Meeting of Melanoma/Skin Cancer Centers annually in between the World Congress of Melanoma. MWS will support educational meetings in countries with less experience in melanoma diagnosis and treatment.

Improve Guideline Development

MWS intends to unify diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in melanoma worldwide. MWS will establish a MELANOMA KNOWLEDGE DATABASE (MKD), which contains all relevant articles for evidence based medicine in melanoma, and additionally evidence tables of these articles. MKD will be accessible for all national guideline groups. MWS will organize international expert meetings in order to develop recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of melanoma in the rapidly changing landscape.

Improve Patient’s Access to New Treatments

MWS intends to provide melanoma patients worldwide access to new and more efficacious treatments. MWS will address governments in order to achieve a more rapid reimbursement of new treatments. MWS will address pharmaceutical companies in order to achieve access to new treatment modalities in countries, where the high costs cannot be reimbursed.

Improve Clinical Research in Melanoma

MWS will coordinate clinical research activities in melanoma internationally. MWS will perform international clinical trials in indications, which are not investigated by the pharmaceutical industries. MWS will support international expert meetings in order to coordinate clinical research.